From 1 to 7

Yeyoung Sohn soprano
Marcin Dylla guitar

While working on the album From 1 to 7 the original idea was to allude to the form of the songs of the period of Ars Antiqua. The compositional challenge and purpose while working on this album was the desire to redefine the sound while maintaining appropriate proportions between the vocal line and the accompanying instrument, and enclosing in this form the emotions of peace and sadness that interpenetrate and can not exist without each other.

The musical pieces were originally performed by Marcin Dylla, one of the greatest guitarists of our times. His invaluable approach during the refining of performative techniques, as well as his invaluable remarks about the possibility of using electronic “timbres”, presented unexplored opportunities, useful for even more creative activities. The beautiful timbre of Yeyoung’s voice merged the sound layer of the album.

The album was released as part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of KAIROS.